Textile Workshops with Bobby Britnell
at The Harbour Gallery Jersey

6th, 7th & 8th March

Fri 6th March – 10am-4pm (with break)

Create your own machine stitched panel based on the techniques Bobby uses in her work and using flowers as an inspirational source. Techniques will include, piecing, bonding, heavy machine stitching and extra added details. If you wish to take home a finished piece of work and are competent with a free motion sewing machine this would be an inspirational course for you.

Must be experienced with their sewing machine, which needs to be in good working order and have the facility to drop the feed-dog. This is NOT a course on how to use your machine.

Sat 7th March – 10am-4pm (with break)
INSPIRED BY BEN NICHOLSON (Hand and/or machine work)

This workshop encourages close examination of the work of an artist in finding comparable methods of working that we as textiles artists might employ. Ben Nicholson’s work has a great use of colour and detail of line. Using similar subject matter to his, we will spend time in looking, researching and recording, both onto paper and fabric a series of ideas for development, but paying particular attention to his ‘White Reliefs’. The use of the sketchbook will be encouraged in keeping a record of all the challenges set. Good design will be constantly discussed.

An accessible course suitable for all levels of ability, great for students.

Sun 8th March – 10am-4pm (with break)
LINE AS A DESIGN SOURCE (Hand work only)

A fun course which will take students on a journey of discovery starting with a series of clear, quick accessible exercises. All of this preliminary work, which will be carried out using a variety of surfaces, tools and dry media, will form the basis for personal interpretations into fabric and stitch. The course is not about producing a finished piece of work but is about the ‘journey’ and the ‘discovery’ of something new along the way. It will hopefully encourage you to think differently about your work. Artist research will offer further insights into the development of ideas.

An accessible course suitable for all levels of ability especially students

On all the courses, some materials will be included and for some, you will need to buy them including your sketchbooks.

Cost per session
£48 – adults
£25 – 18 & under

Book by email partintheframe@yahoo.co.uk, call the gallery on 743044 or pop in. Payment must be made within 3 days to secure.

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