Children's Holiday Workshops

The workshops are run by Christine Witham, an inspirational teacher with many years’ experience.  They have been running for over ten years at The Harbour Gallery Jersey and are very popular. The workshops are suitable for children aged 5 to 11 years, and offer the choice of a morning, afternoon or full day session taking place during school holidays.

Courses are theme-based, offering children the freedom to realise their own ideas, and use a range of skills. Small groups ensure that children receive lots of support and are offered creative challenges.

The cost is £16 per session, to include materials, a drink and biscuits and lunch can be arranged with the café, or you can bring a packed lunch if you stay all day.

Booking is by email or call 07797 888916.

Daily Programme

9.30 Start:  Children arrive and are quickly settled.  Every effort in made to seat friends and siblings together.  Introductions are made and newcomers welcomed and reassured if necessary.  The theme is introduced, ideas discussed, techniques demonstrated.  The children quickly get to work.

*10.30 Break: Children are encouraged to wash their hands before choosing a drink of squash or water.  They may take up to three biscuits, not containing nuts ie. gingernuts, malted milk, nice.  We stop for a short time.  Move away from the tables and have a break.

10.45 Back to work

11.50 Tidy up time: Children are encouraged to do some tidying up of their own immediate area.

12.00 Lunch: Morning children are collected and day children clear one long table, wash their hands and lay a cloth for lunch. They remain in Christine’s care whilst they eat and play quietly.

1.00 A walk around the gallery:  Children are escorted around the gallery, looking at the work of the gallery artists. If the weather is fine they have a short play in the gallery walkway.  We often discuss ideas for the afternoon session.

1.30 Afternoon session: The afternoon children arrive and are welcomed as above.  They quickly get to work.  The morning children may choose to interpret the theme in a different way, eg. morning session 2-D, afternoon session 3-D.  They may wish to continue the mornings work or to do something completely different.

2.30 Break as am.  

3.50 Tidy up as am.

4.00 Home time.

*Some parents may prefer to provide a snack for break time.
*Please advise of any SEN, medical issues, allergies etc.
*Staff are not able to administer medicines.


The Harbour Gallery Jersey toilets are unisex, used by visitors to the gallery and younger children are always accompanied, either singly or in groups by a helper.  Only trusted and confident older children, familiar with the gallery, visit the toilet alone if they choose to do so.  We have a safeguarding policy and have assessed the risk involved.

Download the Safeguarding Policy here.

Lead staff working with children are qualified and experienced.  They are DBS checked, have attended appropriate safeguarding training and have paediatric first aid training.

Download the Behaviour Policy here.

Venue Insurance

The Harbour Gallery Jersey’s comprehensive Public Liability Insurance is displayed.