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April 1, 2019
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June 18, 2019

**Postcard Competition Announcement**


**Postcard Competition Announcement**

‘Our Island Through The Lens’ exhibition… celebrating the work of 14 local Jersey photographers!

Art in the Frame Foundation, the managing charity of The Harbour Gallery Jersey, is celebrating its 21st birthday in 2019. As part of the celebrations, it has organised an exhibition of the very different photographic styles from 14 local photographers. It is so interesting how iconic local images can be viewed so differently by different people.

As part of the exhibition, the artists allowed us to choose 4 images to be made into postcards. These will be available from the desk at The Harbour Gallery and be offered to visitors in exchange for donations. Funds raised will go towards the educational work taking place at The Harbour Gallery Jersey, organised by Art in the Frame Foundation. Each artist will receive 100 printed postcards of their work as a thank you and the images will be made into postcards to be available from the gallery next week with a suggested donation of at least 30p or 4 for £1.

The images and artists chosen are:

– ‘Gorey Castle/Mont Orgueil’, image captured by Paul Lakeman
– ‘La Rocco Sunset’, image captured by Alan Pryor
– ‘Cows In the Mist’, image captured by Sheila Birch
– ‘Chaos Corbiere’, image captured by Vince Thorne


It was a very difficult decision to choose just 4 images from the whole exhibition, there are some very beautiful ethereal and arty images. The judges had to keep in mind that they were looking for images for postcards, not an image to go on a wall. The images scaled down had to look as good as they did large scale and needed to be attractive for the public not necessarily for the art connoisseur. Judging lasted over 24 hours but in the end, by scaling them down on a screen, 4 were chosen with which the judges were in agreement.

Well done to everyone taking part in the exhibition, it really does looks fantastic!

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